मलेशियामा ईन्डोनेशियन गर्लफ्रेन्डको हत्या गरि नेपाली युवक फरार


काठमाडौं,०४ चैत । मलेसियामा रोजगारिका लागि पुगेका एक युवाले इन्डोनेसिया बाट रोजगारिमा आएकी युवतीको हत्या गरि फरार भएका छ्न । सन्दीप गुरुङ नाम गरेका युवाले हत्या गरेर फरार रहेको मलेसिया बाट प्रकासित पत्रपत्रिका ले समाचारमा जनाएका छ्न ।

पेनाङ्ग राज्यको एक कम्पनीमा रोजगारिका लागि पुगेका गुरुङ्ग हत्या पछि फरार रहेको र खोजी कार्य जारी रहेको पनि समाचार मा बताइएको छ । उनको नेपालमा स्थाइ बसोबासका हो त्यो भने खुलेको छैन ।

हेर्नुहोस, मलेशियाको पत्रिकामा प्रकाशित समाचार

GEORGE TOWN: Police say a Nepalese man killed his girlfriend and stuffed her body into a locked cupboard after the victim told him she was going to marry another man. A source said, several weeks before the incident, the woman had told her boyfriend that she was being forced to return to Indonesia to marry someone else. “This could have angered the suspect which led to them fighting and in the process, he killed the victim,” said the source.

“Investigations also found that the suspect, who was working at a factory here, had applied for leave last Thursday and Friday. However, it is not known whether he was already planning to kill her at the time.” The source said the suspect could have taken leave to discuss the matter with his girlfriend only for it to end in tragedy. “Besides fleeing, the suspect also cut off his handphone. Checks show that he owed money to several Ah Long,” the source said.

In the 10 am incident on Tuesday, the remains of Indonesian Santi Restauli Simbolon, 25, was found in a sitting position inside a locked cupboard at her boyfriend’s unit at the Green Garden Flats in Air Itam here. The suspect’s two Nepalese housemates had unknowingly lived with the corpse for three days before a foul odor began to emanate from the cupboard.

Meanwhile, Northeast district police chief Assistant Commissioner Anuar Omar said police were looking for a 27-year-old Nepalese man named Sadip Gurung, who is believed to be able to shed some light on the case. Those with information on Sadie’s whereabouts can contact the investigating officer, Assistant Superintendent Mohd Khalil Khalid, at 019-4116656 or the nearest police station.

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